3 Things I Changed My Mind About After Being a Creator for 2 Years

Jerine Nicole
1 min readJan 1


  1. Leaving the nursing profession.

    I wanted to become a creator to leave the profession. But after joining different industries, I realized nursing is a powerful profession, and there’s more to it than my bad situation.

    Learn how to question your own conclusions.
  2. Becoming an online entrepreneur.
    I fell in love with the idea of becoming an online entrepreneur, working from my laptop while traveling worldwide. I got a taste of it as a freelance writer, and it’s not something I’m no longer craving.
  3. Look at where you are in your stage of life. Figure out the person you want to become.
  4. Online courses give fast results.
    While online courses are usually advertised as “you can do what I did in 2 years in 6 months”, I realized that struggles are also part of the journey.

    So instead of rushing to get results, figure out who you are and what you want from your experiences.

    Otherwise, you’d end up realizing other people’s dreams.



Jerine Nicole

Part-time nurse, part-time writer. I write stories about how I explore life to inspire others. Insights on intentional living: jerinenicole.substack.com