“You shouldn’t use all your money to pay off your loans.”

Photo: Josh Appel

1. I saved up the grant I received from the government

“I’m not addicted to Instagram.”

Photo: Solen Feyissa

My toxic relationship with Instagram

This means that you’re a content creator with multiple interests

Photo: Intricate Explorer

These simple mental shifts can fast-track your online growth

Photo: Mimi Thian

Stick to it for at least half a year

Photo: Author’s Instagram

From 0–30 days: On “how can I start making money online”

Photo: Nick Fewings

It lies in your day-to-day actions

Photo: Wright Brand Bacon

Idea validation is essential if you want your online course to succeed and coaching is the way to get it

Photo: Soundtrap

Cohort-based community is booming in the creator economy

Photo: Tony Pham

Jerine Nicole

Emergency Nurse + Traveler. I write stories about how I explore life to inspire others. Newsletter on simple and Intentional living -> jerinenicole.substack.com

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