This means that you’re a content creator with multiple interests

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I started my content creator journey eight months ago.

When I started, every successful online entrepreneur convinced me that the only way to get ‘there’ is to niche down. That means that you pick one industry, one topic to talk about, and be known for that one thing. That thought was honestly so painful.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved learning about different things. I taught myself how to play guitar, make websites, crochet, speak Spanish. More recently, I’m learning about writing, entrepreneurship and the creator economy.

I didn’t know how to fit in the online world…

Sometimes, money will find its way to you

I bought my very first online course back in July 2020.

When I attended the pre-sale webinar, the instructor guaranteed that her students would earn 5k/month within six months of taking the course. I was excited to learn about these strategies.

Some students did it. Others, like me, weren’t able to do it. Not because I didn’t go through with it, because I did. But sometimes, your core values can get in the way of online entrepreneurship.

I’m lucky to learn about the things that I’m not willing to do online early on. Even though it feels like I wasted…

“I’m not addicted to Instagram.”

Instagram took a lot of my time and energy. If you have this app, chances are, it takes a lot of yours as well.

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My toxic relationship with Instagram

When I was on Instagram, I found that I wasn’t comparing myself to others. But, I posted things that would make others envious of me.

I would spend 45 minutes to 1 hour to pick the “best” photo. Only to get the instant dopamine (the same hormone you get from eating delicious food) boosts from all the “likes”. Over time, this makes you want to do it over and over again. …

Why I rarely regret any decisions

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Oh well, it’s not meant to be.

That’s what I always say when something doesn’t work out in my life. My partner mocks me for it. He always tells me, no, if you want something, you have to fight for it.

I agree with a certain point.

But you have to draw a line between fighting for something that you truly want or forcing things you don’t really want.

When I was in nursing school, my dream was to become a pediatric nurse. I tailored my resume to prepare me to become a pediatric nurse. …

I learned that you get the results that you want by focusing on the most important things.

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I started writing online seriously in January 2021.

In 6 months, I built an online community, I made 1k+ from writing and other monetization strategies and this month mark my first writing project as a new freelancer.

But if we’re being honest, the behind the scenes of these amazing results I just told you are: spending 4K+ in online programs, tons of cycle of burnout, self-sabotage and self-doubts.

So don’t let those online gurus make you believe that the results they want you to have are easily attainable. Because it’s not.

But that’s also why I constantly work on myself…

You wouldn’t go empty-handed on a long hike, would you?

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Do you think that being a creator will ever be easy?

It’s like going through the ups and downs of life, but the creator economy somehow amplifies that experience.

Rather than chasing the “highs” all the time, I’ve managed to create a self-love toolkit to keep me in the game for a long time.

Reminder 1: You need to have your back no matter what.

It’s so tempting to summon your inner critique, but it doesn’t help. Instead, practice self-forgiveness. You only have yourself to fall on in this journey. What’s the point of beating yourself up whenever you make a mistake?

Learn how to cultivate the act of forgiving yourself…

The subtle signs you’re not ready to be a freelancer and what you can do today to increase your chances of success

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I landed my first freelance writing project a month ago.

I wasn’t looking to be a freelancer. I happened to mention it to an online friend, and he connected me with someone who happened to be looking for a content writer. I said yes because I was ready for a new challenge in my writing adventure.

I’ve written four pieces so far, and the money I earn has doubled my nursing salary. Even though I wasn’t actively looking to become a freelancer, I decided to take it seriously.

I thought that I had to take on cheap work on Fiverr…

These actionable tips will make your creatopreneurial journey much more enjoyable.

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I’ve been invited to two podcast interviews this week.

I’ve never done it before, and I don’t even know how I got here. All I know is that back in October of 2020, I was on the verge of becoming depressed, and then I found writing. Since then, I’ve never stopped writing online.

Since taking writing seriously for the last seven months, I’ve been able to build an online community on Twitter, sell my coaching services, start a paid group membership, and have landed my 3-month writing project as a freelancer.

I say all this to motivate you. I never…

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I started my creative journey about 10 months ago.

In the first 2 months, I burnt out. I spent every waking hour working on my side hustle on top of my two nursing jobs. I sacrificed my relationships with my friends and my family. I justified this as I’m working towards something meaningful.

In reality, I was hurting myself in the pursuit of my dreams.

It had to change. So I shut down my Instagram for four months and only focus on getting to know myself. …

A guide for people who stumbled into the writing world.

Photo: Liza Summer

At the beginning of this year, I pledged to step out of my comfort zone all year long.

I started writing on this platform back in November 2020. My background is in nursing, so I don’t have any prior experience besides theory essays. I say this because I want to let you know that most people start their freelancing journey knowing they wanted to become a writer.

If you’re like me, who’s just going with the flow of the writing or the freelancing world, then this is a guide for you.

I landed my first project of $250 for one…

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