How Spain Made Me Embrace My Multipassionate Self

In search of a home that fits my personality

Jerine Nicole
7 min readAug 8, 2022
In the streets of Barcelona

I’m nearing the end of my 21-day trip to the beautiful country of Spain.

It’s been two years since I dreamed of living in this country. But because my husband and I couldn’t just pack up and leave Toronto, we decided to do a short visit instead. I had a high expectation of what Spain needed to be like, so I avoided vacationing here.

I was scared that my dream would be crushed and that I’d have to give up my dreams of living abroad in a European country one day.

In the first few days after landing in Barcelona, I didn’t have a very good feeling about the city. My first thought was, “why is the city so dirty?” Where I live close to Toronto, things are almost always clean and organized.

So seeing Barcelona and not having a good feeling about it made me feel nervous.

I’m supposed to like this country since I’ve dreamed of living here.

But after 2 weeks of getting to know different cities both in Spain and Portugal — Barcelona, Porto, Lisbon, Seville, and Granada — I’ve realized that Spain has made me embrace my multipassionate self.

The search for a new home as a multipassionate



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