Two Experiences that Changed My Life (As a Millennial Nurse Who’s Burnt Out)

Sometimes, creating options for yourself is the best thing you can do

Jerine Nicole



2020 was a defining moment in my nursing career.

It was the year I decided I would no longer be a nurse forever. I remember working a 12-hour day shift and thinking to myself, “is this it? After I get a job and buy a house, I’m supposed to work like this forever?”

I don’t know what came over me that day. Maybe it was the pandemic, or maybe it’s the fact that I was no longer learning at work.

But it was also the day that I started to look for options to get out.

Two years later, I’m in a very different situation right now. I no longer feel burnout. I’ve gotten the confidence to design a lifestyle that balances my love for nursing and creativity.

Here are two experiences that catapulted me here today.

Putting myself out there

I remember spending $997 on a course that almost promised me I’d make $10K/month if I followed her strategies as a business coach.

Spoiler alert: I still don’t make $10K/month from that initial course and I still feel like I was scammed.

But it was an experience I needed to have because someone in that course introduced me to this platform. Like with many other writers, this was a love at first sight. This platform made me want to write, share my stories, and to keep improving my writing skill.

Two years later, here are some results:

  • newsletter with 350 subscribers
  • YouTube with about 540 subscribers
  • launched a couple of digital products
  • $10,000 from freelance writing
  • part-time writing job

In short, writing online changed my life for the better because now, I have options.

I have the option to become a full-time content creator or a freelance writer if I no longer want to be in nursing.

If you’re burnout in your job, you don’t have to be writing online if that isn’t your thing. You can start a…



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